Thanksgiving has come and gone. With that comes Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every remaining day in between until the year is out for you to shop your little hearts out. Gone are the days (at least for me) of traipsing through the mall (do they still have malls?), asking the cashier to ‘hold onto this’ while I bounce from store to store trying to find the better or best deal.

According to various studies, almost 60% of holiday shopping is being done online. With all of the ease and joy that comes from clicking a button and having something show up on your porch the next day – comes vulnerability.

With the uptick in online consumer habits, comes a measurable level of danger. But you don’t have to roam your house with a Bah Humbug attitude.

HotSpot Shield is a virtual private network that you can download and install in just a few minutes. It will protect you and your family from the online predators that may find holiday joy in stealing your identity or passwords.

Check them out HERE for more information.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of HotSpot Shield, however the seasonal joy is all ours!