DIY hacker and sketch comedy creator, Dude Dad, takes diaper changing to the next level! MUST SEE video!

Image credit: TikTok/dudedadvlog

Q: What do you do if you are a DIY dad and just have your third kid?

A: Create the ultimate new dad hack by building an Automatic Diaper Changing Machine, of course!

Image credit: TikTok/dudedadvlog

Our buddy Taylor (aka Dude Dad) has done it again! We’ve seen him as a ‘husband of Target‘, role-playing his pregnant wife in sketch comedy videos, and creating extreme sports style DIY hacks for his kids rides!

Now, Dude Dad has come up with what could be the greatest dad hack ever – the Automatic Diaper Changing Machine.

No spoilers here! Just watch the video and see how genius, hilarious and awesome this DIY dad creation really is!

Tell us your favorite (or the funniest) step in the diaper changing process?

My money is on the pressure washer. Absolute gold. 🤣

Thanks for more laughs, Dude Dad!