Family photos gone wrong.

We have been showcasing some awkward family photos recently here at Life of Dad. We thought we had seen them all until we laid our eyes on these gems. There is a wide range of strange pictures for you to check out.

Odd Choices..

You will see ones that will make you say what the hell were they thinking to ones that are just plain odd. We searched the internet and have corralled some unique photos that we had to share with you.

You will see parents take it a bit too far as they scar their children for life to other parents giving some very tight hugs to their children just to make sure that you know how much they love their child. You might wonder what these people were thinking when they were sitting down for this photo op, we know we are still wondering.

Outside the box…

Maybe they wanted to do something that was outside the box. If that is the case well they went out of the box, hexagon, octagon and all other shapes known to man.

Still some of these photos are not all bad. There is one that is pretty damn epic. You will know it when you see it.


Part of the family.


Kids, look at the wonder of nature!


Totally 80’s.


Get a room.


The family that gets tattoos together….


Smoke if you got em!




Oh what fun…


Just monkeying around.


Like father like son.


Let’s hug it out.




The dad just wants “one” picture to turn out right.


Falling into place.


This one is legit!!!


Before and after.


Stop crying!


Just the four of us.

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