Watch the viral basement tour video! And find out if there’s an Adults Only section. 😉

Who doesn’t remember the quarantine of 2020?! Well, a year since that craziness began, we have an epic story for you about a man who made the most of being locked down in his own home.

“During quarantine, my husband built a video rental store in our basement. Let’s take a quick tour”, his wife says at the beginning of the video.

And to explain why and how this came to be, she shares, “The start of quarantine last year coincided with the closure of our local family video, which gave my husband access to A LOT of shelving, and a crazy idea. He decided he needed a project at the house to keep himself busy. Instead of finishing our kitchen cabinets, he decided to build a video rental store”.

This story gets even more fun and awesome…

The name of TikTok account this husband and wife duo created to share this epic creation with is ‘Be Kind, Rewind’. The handle they chose is @thevideobunker. This video – posted only a few days ago – has already amassed nearly 4 million Views.

Here’s the viral video and tour of ‘the video bunker’ – enjoy!

Amazingly, Be Kind, Rewind has racked up over half a million Likes and nearly 40k Followers on TikTok with only two video posts.

The second – and follow-up to the tour video – is a response to a Follower who asked the question, “Where’s the adults only section? 😅”

Hilariously, this question was answered in the couple’s next TikTok video.

Let’s find out *if* and *where* the Adults Only section is…

We’re not sure if this couple have kids or not. Regardless, this quarantine project is next-level, and may inspire some of you geek dads or DIY dads to ponder your next project idea.

Are we surprised this went viral? Um, NO! Video stores are still cool. Video stores will always be cool!

Thanks for reading!