Ever since my daughter Lily went to the planetarium with her pre-school class she is obsessed with planets. She can name the planets in order, talk about the planets’ moons, and tells me that Pluto is a dwarf planet. Kids are a sponge at this age and it looks like she moved from learning about butterflies and is now “studying” planets. I am so proud of her, but it is funny to hear her talk about the seventh planet of our solar system. For those who don’t know the order of the planets, the seventh planet is Uranus.

No matter what she asks or talks to me about Uranus, I turn back to a kid and just laugh. Granted she talks about the other planets as well, but this is what I hear on a daily basis about one of the planets known as a gas giant.

“Daddy, why is Uranus cold?”

“Daddy, do you like Uranus?”

“Why is Uranus blue?”

“Do you think mommy likes Uranus?”

“We could never live on Uranus daddy.”

“Uranus is a gas giant, right daddy?”

So you see I could not help but at least chuckle every time we talk about Uranus. I do answer her questions about each planet and I am glad that she is so eager to learn about science even if it means she will learn about Uranus. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)