Memorial Day has arrived, which means the summer has unofficially begun. It’s time to throw back the shutters, open some windows and let the fresh air clear out the doldrums of a long winter. It’s the time when everyone emerges from their fleece and parka cocoons and finally heads outside. Soon guests will begin to pop over for a quick hello, or nice lengthy get-together. All summer long, we will invite our good friends over to celebrate just about anything. The only problem is, we get all of the invited pests as well as the uninvited ones. We’d prefer these pests stay far away from the action rather than disturb those we welcomed into our home. If you are having pest problems in your environment, Emergency Pest Control to have them solved using the highly skilled exterminators paired with low toxicity pesticides. For more info, see at Emergency Pest Control Vaughan website.

Life of Dad (1)
The Lamp Dancer

  • We all have this friend. He shows up in a business suit, but once he’s unwound a bit, his necktie becomes a Rambo bandana and he may….. no WILL dance with any object he can. Animate? Inanimate?? It doesn’t matter. The lamp will be dipped, twirled and may end up in pieces after some courageous, though ill-advised acrobatics.

The Oversharer

  • If it happens, it’s happening on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, in real time. If you gathered all of the photos and narratives together, you can make a flip book that would look like stop-motion. Every move, face and horrible-camera-angle-picture will be posted for all to see.

Negative Nancy

  • Every party has one. He/she is there to temper any hint of fun with sad stories, reminders of the bad consequences of anything and to generally bring the mood down a few notches.

The Monologue-uist

  • Avoid eye contact, maintain a 15 foot perimeter and pray that he doesn’t seek you out. The monologist doesn’t speak TO you, he/she speaks AT you. The monologue has no beginning and it has no end. Subject matters flow together and intertwine without regard to what you want to speak about, or hear about. Once caught in his/her net, the only way to release yourself is to trap another hapless soul in his verbal web and slink away while his pincers latch to the new prey.

Now that you’ve been introduced to my friends, it’s time to talk about the OTHER pests that I need to protect them from…The bugs that infiltrate every gathering with their unwanted presence – Especially ants and my personal enemy, the nefarious wasp If you need help as I did, view Team Veterans Pest Control and request a home inspection.

I want to make sure these pests are gone before people start turning up. Bugs are the last thing I want to deal with when I’m entertaining, so the best thing to do is have pest control Dandenong services. This will make sure that the time my friends are over is time spent well, not time spent chasing away the scourge of insects that want to force themselves into our domain. If you want to to hire professionals to handle those pesky pests, you must make sure that those professionals are topnotch and have undergone training like those Online Pest Control CEU Classes.

To get started, I’m taking care of the ants. I like to barbeque and that means chips, crumbs and other food is going to be hitting the floor all around my kitchen, deck and yard area. Inevitably, this will bring droves of ants into my home, since ants are the “That Guy” of the bug world. If one shows up, he +4,875’s his invite, bringing all his friends and relatives with him. More ants outside will eventually turn into ants inside. To address this concern, hiring professionals who are fully capable like Alpha Pest Control can definitely put you at ease. 

Bug Barrier_Life of DadRaid® Max Bug Barrier is a great first step. It helps prevent bugs by killing home-invading pests. It can be used can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Raid is one of the top brands as reviewed so many times on BestOfMachinery making them the best choice out there for bug or pest-related problems.Now is a great time of year to prep your home since warm weather brings active insects.

Another great proactive option is the Raid® Ant Bait. Set these up inside your home in places where ants like to cruise (near entrances, plumbing intakes, damp areas…) After ants feed on the bait, they return to the colony and transfer the bait to the queen and the others, thereby killing the entire colony.NEW_Ant Bait_Option 2

Now to take care of the wasps. I’ve been stung in my own yard about 15 times in the past and I’ve had enough. It’s time these guys are taken care of before they become a problem at my parties. I don’t know if someone might be allergic to them and the sting could be a huge issue because of it. And if you’re living in Australia, you know how much of a problem wasps bring to your home and your family. Luckily, you can get help from the specialists at pest control Sydney to get rid of these annoying wasps.

Once again, preparation is critical before the party begins. Wasps are most active from May to October. You can bet they will be coming to your parties and joining unannounced from the sky.

I use Raid® Wasp and Hornet Killer to kill the nest. It kills wasps and hornets on contact with a 22 foot spray. 874243-WaspHornet14oz

Hitting them at dawn or dusk, before they are active, is the smartest way to do it. Wearing long-sleeves and/or gloves is also helpful. As long as I do my best to be proactive, I will feel better having my friends out in the yard.

That’s my big plan for keeping the unwanted guests away from my get-togethers this summer. Sure, some of my friends can be pests themselves, but they’re MY pests! They’re the ones I want there, because they make life interesting. Now with Raid® products, I can be sure that my guests aren’t bothered by the pests who want to infiltrate our gatherings!

*Life of Dad was compensated for this partnership with Raid® but opinions are my own.