So you’re sitting there with your sleeping baby in the morning, munching on some cereal, catching up on the big game you didn’t see the end of last night because you’re an exhausted parent and you think, I wonder if I could stack Cheerios onto of my baby’s face.


This was our very own Patrick Quinn this week and when he piled up five Cheerios on his new kiddo’s nose and posted it on the Life of Dad Facebook page, the Cheerio Challenge was born.

The Cheerio Challenge is currently taking over the internet as evidenced by all the dads and moms combining two of the best things in the world: breakfast cereal and fresh-faced babies.

Check out some of the Cheerio Challengers!

Some of our Cheerio Challengers are using more than a cute baby face for their workspace!

Want a real challenge, try the Cheerio Challenge with a wide-awake baby!

Some of the parents in our Facebook community are making the best of it in the absence of Cheerios:

…and in the absence of infants!

…and the Cheerio Challenge is sweeping the toy parenting community too!

Let’s see your best effort in the Cheerio Challenge! Share your Cheerio Challenge with us on the Life of Dad Facebook page!