I recently was able to review a few cool new toys that are now on the market. One is sports related and the other deals with animals. Both toys were fun for my daughters to play with in their own separate way. Here is some information on both the Mega Morph Super Hoop from Backyard Sports and the ROBO Turtle from ZURU.

Mega Morph Super Hoop – Backyard Sports

Mega Morph 01 10-30-14The NBA Playoffs are almost over. The Conference Finals are starting up. One of the teams that is still in the hunt to win it call is the Golden State Warriors led by this year’s MVP, Steph Curry. He has teamed up with Backyard Sports for the Mega Morph Super Hoop.

This new style hoop takes me back to when I was my daughters age, but has a upgraded feel to it. I had a hoop in my room that would hand on the back of my door. It was fun, but the Super Hoop takes it to a whole new level. It is a basketball hoop that has a motorized rim that actually changes sizes while you play. This was a cool feature for me and my kids to see how many shots would go in.

There is a real game announcer and the hoop has sound effects with an electronic scoreboard to make your child feel like he or she is in the NBA. There is even a shot clock and test your skills. The fun doesn’t end there. The Mega Morph Super Hoop is engineered with Action Track Technology. That feature allows you to make buckets to get codes, scan the codes to unlock video game power-ups in the free Backyard Sports NBA Basketball 2015 mobile game.

You can download the mobile game for Apple and Android devices. This game has an arcade style 3-on-3 pick-up style basketball game. Relive this classic Backyard Sports title in all new HD action. It has the NBA stars including Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo hoopsAnthony, Dwight Howard, Damian Lillard, Demar DeRozan, Kenneth Faried, Dwayne Wade, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose, 2014 Champion Tim Duncan, and more!

Use in game Power-Ups like “Speed Shoes” and the “Fire Ball” to dial up the action. Or scan codes from real Backyard Sports gear to unlock other exciting in-game power-ups like “720 Dunks” or the “Basket Force Field.” You can even unlock and power-up new NBA superstars for your team.

ROBO Turtle

Next up is the ROBO Turtle from ZURU. Riding off the success of ROBO Fish and ROBO My Magical Mermaid, ZURU created the ROBO Turtle. Using the latest in micro-robotic technology, ROBO Turtle can both walk on land and swim in water. It has a lifelike design and movements create an exciting display in front of your eyes. Carbon sensors on the Turtle’s shells let them activate when roboturtledropped in water or start to walk if touched lightly whilst on land.

There are a total of four fun individual turtle designs and a land and water setting playset available. There is also a playset that can house the turtles. My daughters loved playing with the turtles. They were watching these turtles in the water and on land. We would fill up the sink and have the turtles walk themselves into the sink filled with water where they would swim around. The turtles sell for $9.99 each and the playset goes for $19.99.


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