Shaun and Josh discuss Jeeps and vehicles and Shaun’s dealing with used car salesmen / Motorcycles come up again I think for the third week in a row. Ain’t complainin’, cuz they’re awesome / Rock Balboa Moments / Math Equation Bumper Stickers are Real / Kids learn from older Kids, that’s a good and a bad thing / a true “Super Dad” gives the best graduation present ever / Kids in schools are arrested for things that as adults are celebrated, like burping and paper airplanes

Topics and Links

Shaun has been itching to get a Jeep Wrangler

How to get rid of an old motorcycle

Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Shaun’s family does Rocky Moments

Don’t get the Rocky Reference?

The Sahara vs. The Sport Jeep Wrangler

25 tricks Used Car Salesmen use to charge you more

Jeep Rubicon is Awesome

Modern Warfare Jeep

Math Equation Bumper Stickers are Real. Say wha???

Tony Soprano has a Suburban

Josh wants a magic carpet

Why we should stop segregating our children by age

Children learn from older kids

Examples of mixed age schools

The amazing history of the bendy straw

An official ‘Super Dad’ makes a graduation present that took 13 years to complete

19 Dumb Things kids are being arrested for

Kids hate this girls perfume

Kid belches in class, CUFF HIM!

Juvie is what the cool kids call it.

These kids make a science of popping juice boxes

Josh pops a juice box and does the charleston to avoid punishment

Kids get arrested for paper airplanes, this guy wins a world record.

Black Cat fireworks

Outro Music: “Policeman” by The Yummy Fur

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