This week, Ryan Hamilton talks to Art Eddy about his presentation at The 20th Annual National At-Home Dads Convention on "Coding and Kids". Then they bring on speaker, writer, and coach – Jay Forte of The Greatness Zone and Ready4Life.

Jay is passionate about helping everyone learn how to discover, develop and live their greatness, then inspire greatness in others. Born in Massachusetts, Jay grew up on Cape Cod, now lives in Florida. Jay loves that he came from a big Italian family, where they all cook. He spent time as an accountant and CFO before discovering his abilities in and passion for teaching, writing and creating big ideas.

He is always working on the next workshop, next book and next poem. He has three grown daughters – all 3 have completed college, 2 are married. He started The Greatness Zone and Ready4Life to share a clear process to help everyone learn how to show up big to life. He loves reading, gardening and cooking and there is always company over. Jay never rests and is always traveling, speaking, writing or coaching.

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