Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk some football as well as voice acting in this week’s Life of Dad Show. The guys then bring on voice actor, James Arnold Taylor.
James Arnold Taylor is an actor, entertainer, motivational writer and speaker, host and emcee for every occasion. He is one of the most versatile Voice-Actors in Hollywood today known worldwide within the video game and animation communities, as well as an established event host for Disney, LucasFilm, REEDPop, SquareEnix and the USO.
Most have probably heard Taylor’s work and not even have known it was him. That to him means that he is doing his job right. Whether he is leading a clone army as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series or running around Bedrock as Fred Flintstone, Taylor brings our favorite characters to life. Not only does he voice animated characters, but he steps in for actors like Johnny Depp when a line needs to be redone for a film.
If you follow James on social media you already know that he has a positive attitude and is always looking to help other people. His book, JAT 365 offers you 365 days of his positivity in this book adapted from the pages of his on-line social media accounts. This simple, easy to read and use book allows anyone to start the next 365 days with a positive thought, then challenge yourself to accept, forward and practice it, as well as journal your own impressions of it on every page along with James.
Art had the pleasure of talking with James Arnold Taylor about fatherhood, voice acting, his book, and even sneakers!