This week, Tommy Riles surprises Art Eddy with another special guest co-host. Tommy brings on his dad, Tom Riles Sr., to chat about family memories and that there are no heroes when it comes to trampoline accidents. Then the guys bring on actor John Wesley Shipp on the show.
There are some actors who over the years got typecast. John Wesley Shipp is not one of them. Shipp has played the role of good guy, bad guy, a cop and even a super-hero. I remember when my mom and sisters watched All My Children seeing him play a character named Carter Jones. That was back in 1992.
Also, back in the 90’s, Shipp starred in that decade’s version of The Flash. I would watch that show with my dad. I was a big fan of that series. Now Shipp, who has done theater, films, and many TV shows has come full circle with his role on the CW series The Flash as Henry Allen. As Henry he plays Barry Allen’s dad. Barry, played by Grant Gustin, is The Flash. In this series Henry is incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. Now Barry looks to clear his dad’s name.
This role became even more surreal for Shipp when his former 1990’s The Flash co-star, Mark Hamill returned as the role of Trickster. I was able to chat with John about his role as Henry Allen, comic cons, acting, and reuniting with Hamill on set.
Make sure you check out John in Season 2 of The Flash starting on Tuesday, October 6th on the CW.
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