Which is better Pro Football or College Football?

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We debate that on today’s show: which is better Pro Football or College Football? We want to hear from you! We also talk with former NFL player and Super Bowl Champ Lance Moore about fatherhood.

Here are some of the viewers thoughts on the debate:

Dan MagillAny pro sport these days is too much about the money. Go watch the grass roots game as the big teams don’t care about the fans.

David Cumpian I think college games are more exciting go to then the NFL games. 

Steven Rose I use to go to bed Super Bowl day and my late dad would get me up in the middle of the night to watch the game I loved it I miss the old goat lol one of my fav memories as a kid.

Nick PeppersOnly thing about NFL is games are closer a lot of the times. Lots of blowouts in college and mismatched teams.

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