The more you Mo, the creepier you look at work

The more you Mo, the creepier you look at work.

Get in the Mo, people! During our most recent episode of the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast, Ben and I talked about our efforts to help raise awareness for men’s health, by participating in Movember. Not only are we supporting it by growing mustaches ourselves (take a peak at that creepy beauty over there on the right), but we’re also trying to raise money. You can visit to help in our efforts! Many other dads here at Life of Dad are also participating. You can read all about the team’s efforts here.

The fun things about letting your lip foliage grow are many. For one, your wife will hate your face for a month. For some, that’s a chronic problem, but that isn’t really a topic for this space, at least right at this moment, anyway. For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of growing the stache is the looks of horror from co-workers, strangers, and family alike. I have no shame for what it is sitting nestled upon my upper lip right now. I know it looks terrible and creepy, and you may want to call the cops, or hide your children, but that’s all part of the fun. I WANT you to notice me. I WANT you to say, “Nick, what in the crap is that thing on your face?!” That way I can say, “Men’s health! Ask me why ask me why ask me why!!! DO IT!!!”

And of course, the jokes and names for my mustache are just as awesome. I sat at lunch today taking rapid-fire jokes about my “lip curtain”. I have to credit a certain co-worker for coining that phrase. It’s awesome and I love it. The jokes ranged from “Since I’m under 18, doesn’t the law state that you need to be 500 feet away from me??” to “I see you and think of a race car driver, but not the cool ones,” to my favorite of the day ”

Look, I’m no hero. I’m just a man. A man with a bad mustache and cause to support, at least I have my mustache wax and it doesn’t look as terrible!

And for those of you who have yet to get in on the game, let that facial fur grow, friends! Don’t be ashamed. You can shave later. Ya know, unless your wife holds you down and clips that Bro-mo while you sleep.

Next time you see me, or my amazing mustache, ask me about it–and then avert your eyes.

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