You know that saying “the days drag on but the years fly by”? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling these days. Time just seems to be flying by. Somehow, I’m on the verge of turning 40. And somehow, summer is already halfway over. Time for the aisles of any major retail store to act as a reminder of this statement as they gear up for back-to-school.

Well, I’d settle for a slowdown.

But since I can’t control time, nor the rapid pace by which my kids are growing, I’ve found myself trying to simplify other aspects of life as much as possible. One solution was limiting what seems to be an endless cycle of toy purchases. Instead, I now spend money on experiences – taking my kids out and spending quality time together, making memories.

Another way I’ve been trying to simplify is avoiding as many stores with my kids as possible. I want to spend time with them, just not inside of a store. They tend to bring out an overwhelmingly unattractive side of my kids that I’d prefer to never encounter…

“I want! I need! Give me! I want! I need!”

Here’s a photo of my toddler doing what she does best, pouting…

Back-to-school time is inevitable – but long check-out lines, tantrums and digging through piles of knee-length shorts to find the right size for your kid does not have to be the be-all end-all. Who’s got time for that?! Not this dad. Time to simplify.

Now would if I said your kids could get their “I want” and “I need” met without trucking them all over town for shoes AND clothes? And what if I said you could receive a wide range of clothes and accessories that fit your style, maybe even triggering your wife to do a double take because you look so dang good?!

Enter Stitch Fix. This online personal styling service has apparel and accessories for women, men and now kids… You get a stylist!?! The whole family gets a stylist! Each Fix comes packed with comfortable, cool, affordable pieces selected by professional Stitch Fix stylists.

And the best part? I get all of this without having to leave my house. I’ve enjoyed adding some quality items that ‘up’ my style-game on date nights. Simplified, indeed.

For those unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, here’s how it works:

  • Create a profile at where you will be asked questions about personal style, measurements and preferences.  If you already have a Stitch Fix profile, you can just add your kids to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a stand-alone Kids account too. Just check out Sizes range from 2T to 14, covering 2 to 12 yr olds. No subscription is required. Sign up for automatic deliveries or schedule anytime. Plus each item ranges from $10-$35 depending on your preferences but offers cool brands like Under Armour, Nike, TOMS and more.

  • A professional stylist will then select a Fix full of pieces (apparel, shoes, accessories) based on your style profile. For Stitch Fix Kids, each Fix has 8 to 12 different pieces custom to each kid’s individual personality. For example, my girly-girl toddler’s Fix was full of sequins and bows and shiny shoes. But my son likes more traditional, almost preppy looking clothes so his Fix included striped polo, some sports apparel and TOMS shoes (which he loved because his name is Tom). Then my oldest daughter’s Fix was full of cool graphic tees which perfectly fit her wild and free spirit!

  • Watch with excitement (ha!) as your custom package arrives. There are few joys in life that rival the joy a kid feels when they realize a package has come in the mail with their name on it! Each kid has a personalized note from their stylist, along with stickers in a package that also doubles as a coloring box!

  • One cool feature is the variety of ways you can wear and accessorize each piece within your Fix. Stitch Fix Kids includes 8-12 interchangeable pieces in each Fix (adult Fixes include 5) with various suggestions from a stylist on how to wear them is pretty fantastic. With all of that said, I would like to state for the record, I will never let go of my beloved 2005 cargo pants… contrary to wife’s hopes.

  • Any items you don’t like, just ship back to Stitch Fix free of charge. Shipping, returns, exchanges… all free! Just pay for what you keep and if you keep it all, it’s an automatic 25% off purchase.

Not only is the entire process simple and convenient, you have access to one of Stitch Fix’s professional stylists to piece together looks for any upcoming events; back-to-school, family vacation, the holidays, etc.

Speaking of upcoming events, Stitch Fix did something very cool for my wife a few months back. (I should note this was way before Life of Dad ever partnered with Stitch Fix). My wife included a note for her stylist to send pieces in her next Fix to wear on a trip we planned to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Days later, this showed up in the mail…

It’s pretty rare to find companies that pay attention to this type of detail, that go above and beyond for their customers.

Stitch Fix is one of the rare ones that do!

Did I mention Stitch Fix does shoes too?!?

Like I said… Time to Simplify.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stitch Fix and their campaign for Stitch Fix Kids, however it is KID APPROVED and all opinions are our own. For more information on Stitch Fix, check them out HERE, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.