For the second year in a row, our daughter’s birthday took place on the same day as the Academy Awards.  How do you upstage the Oscars?  By having the Baby Oscars, of course.

Named after our daughter, the other awards show in Los Angeles yesterday was “The Barbaras.”

Follow these simple steps, and you too can have a creative and fun “awards show” themed party for your kids.  (I credit everything below to my wife.  She created and produced the entire day.  I’m just writing about it).

1.  Set up a red carpet.

It doesn’t have to be fancy… our red carpet was made of tissue paper, but it got the point across.  Being on a red carpet is one thing most people never get the chance to experience, so as long as it looks kind of red, you’re good.

2.  Create a background banner.

For the perfect photo opportunities, you need a cool background behind the red carpet.  My wife created ours simply with wrapping paper and construction paper.

3.  Have a friend/family member act as paparazzi.

As the kids arrive at the party, send them directly over to the red carpet where the photographer shouts their name while taking photos.  All of the kids will feel special as soon as they arrive, setting the table for a great day.

4.  Make awards for each of the kids.

The Oscars have statues.    This year “The Barbaras” had rocks.  The theme was that each kid rocks.   Every nominee took home a personalized, painted rock.

5.  Create awards categories specific to each kid.

We figure out each kids’ interests, and then build the award category around him/her.  It goes without saying, but don’t leave anybody out.  Every kid at the party gets an award.  Period.

6.  Have a cheesy host announce the winners.

At “The Barbaras,” I’m the cheesy host and I dress up and present the awards to all of the kids.  Here’s an example…

“He may only be one, but you should see this kid on the basketball court.  He’s a natural and will no doubt play for Marquette (his dad’s college) someday. The ‘Like Mike’ award goes to Dylan!”

7.  Party!

After any awards show, everybody parties!  Sure, at the kids party there was no booze… but there was coloring, stickers, and bicycles.  After the kids receive the award, just have a blast, and all of the kids will leave feeling pretty special.  And…they have a unique award to hold on to forever.