Well, I may get judged for this post, but as a parent of two, I do think it’s okay to have your kids watch some television. Here are five reasons why:


5. Television keeps parents sane.
Parents need a break.  Sure, you can be proud if your kid has never watched TV, but most parents need that free time, even if its just for a half hour.  If you never get a break, there is a better chance of you going insane. If you are planning on getting satellite service for your home, TV Aerials Preston offers discreet satellite installation. You can check them out here.

4. Television makes kids happy.
Absolutely, too much TV is not good.  But my daughter has the biggest smile when she starts watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  And I like when she smiles. You can contact your cable tv provider to add more kid-friendly channels.

3. Television keeps your house clean.
I’m not sure about your kids, but my kids are extremely talented at messing up the house.  A half hour of TV means the house is a little less messy…and I like that.

2. Television cures pain.
When kids take a spill, it’s all about getting their mind off the pain.  Not many things work better than television for this.  (Warning – Television is not a long-term solution for pain.) For family-friendly tv programs, check out AWKNG TV.

1. Some kids Daddies work for Ellen.
That’s right, I’ve worked in television ever since college.  My kids have to support my career, right?



Photo courtesy of Daily Invention