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I always thought Vegas was a place to gamble and the way I respect my cash, I never saw it as anything else.

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#FatherhoodIsLit vegas

On the Vegas Strip:

The Tree House At The Container Park

#FatherhoodIsLit The Container Store

My wife loves shopping! So when she told me she wanted to go to the container park to shop I immediately hated the idea! I did love that the stores were all made of re-purposed shipping containers but hate shopping!!!!

My 1st thought was season 2 of The Wire with all the shipping containers and I was excited to see how they built it, they also had a big tree house style park the kids could rock out at.

We could have spent the whole day there if we really wanted and it was FREE just how we like it. Here kids of all ages can run around wild for hours and so can the parents. They have more than just slides so come dressed accordingly, as I came with a pair of white Jordans which came out black after a day here lol!

#FatherhoodIsLit The Container Store

They also have a huge praying mantis out front that shoots fire from its mouth at night time. That alone had the kids going crazy! Once you get tired of playing around or even shopping you can take the quick 2 minute walk to downtown Vegas and see all the craziness that goes down at the old strip, with all the party and the gambling, although I actually prefer to gamble online to find games like situs slot terpercaya. Just remember it gets really crazy at night. Although, I really think I prefer playing sbobet88 indonesia at home instead of taking care of the kids on Las Vegas, and there are also other great sites where you can play and gamble or even play lottery such as lotto 4D online. 

Circus Circus

#FatherhoodIsLit Circus Circus

One night we decided to check out a casino called Circus Circus which friends said was kid friendly. More fun casino games can be accessed at W888.

Image from web gambling Kubet Kubet.com.vn

The minute we walked into the hotel/casino I saw the sign for their theme park called ADVENTUREDOME and it reminded me of a Chuck E Cheese’s on steroids but we didn’t visit the Casino, but we still have casino games online by going into the jaya9 login so I can access these games from anywhere. It was huge and packed with kids of all ages. One can go on https://www.slotsformoney.com/casinos/us/florida/ site to get a nice casino ecperience.

The best deal there was getting an all day pass which costs $32 for big kids and $18 for the smaller ones. It wasn’t free but for that price you can’t lose.

You can spend hours here and it wasn’t even as chaotic as most places or one would think of in Vegas. Bring food though as the prices for a meal there are insane just like anywhere else on the Vegas strip.

Off The Vegas Strip:

Red Rock Canyon

#FatherhoodIsLit Red Rock Canyon

The great outdoors and I really don’t get along. I hate getting sweaty or dirtying my clothes so I’m never really interested in that side of life. So when my wife asked if we could go off the strip to check out the Red Rock Canyon I wasn’t the happiest.

It was actually pretty DOPE and it was cheap! It only costs $7 per car which was dirt cheap for what you actually get to do.

You can do like us and take the scenic route by car (takes about an hour,) stopping at various lookouts to take pics. Or you can park the whip and walk for miles, which of course I wasn’t doing at all!

If you want to fill your instagram with really dope memories then this is your place, the visual elements here are off the hook. You get so close to the mountains that you actually start to appreciate them and the colors of the actual rocks. I have never ever seen anything like it before and probably won’t for a long time.

Here people can do various activities like tours or even rock climbing for an additional fee! Pack the car with food and drinks as the prices inside are steep and stores are far from the park. Remember don’t feed the animals!

Lake Mead

File Mar 01, 10 52 31 AM

When you think of Vegas all you think about is the desert! You think of sand, cactus plants and scorching heat, so when I heard they had a lake we could visit I had to see it.

Our friends told us we could stop by there before heading over to the Hoover Dam and feed the fishes. I thought to myself, I don’t want to do that shit but once again it was for the kids not me. They always win.

To my surprise it was way more than I expected and it was cheap! It is $20 dollars per vehicle which made it affordable especially since there were 8 of us. That just gets you in; you have to pay for other activities like camping, renting a boat or taking a tour. You can also hike a few trails, we did absolutely NONE of that and had a BLAST!

Our main focus was to kill an hour feeding pop corn to fishes and I honestly thought we were going to be feeding wack fishes but I was wrong.

We spent over an hour feeding huge fishes and just watching them in awe. It was different, it was fun and it was very relaxing to do. It is crazy how much fun you can have with a big bag of pop corn and some funny looking fishes.

Don’t want the seagulls shitting all over your Jordans? Walk over to the boat basin and feed the hundreds of fishes there instead. For some reason the birds stay away from there. This was the simplest excursion we had and to me it was one of the best.

It’s always the simple things that matter the most, you don’t have to spend big to do it big in Vegas!

Know of some cool things to do in Vegas with your kids? Hit us up!


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