Calling Out For All Creative Dads!

The Art of Fatherhood

One of the coolest things I have seen here at Life of Dad is when fathers and their kids create something together. We have had fathers send us pictures of Pinewood Derby cars that they worked on with their kids. I did an article about a dad who made a high chair to look like an AT-ST from Star Wars. We have seen dads get tattoos of drawings that their kids made for them.

These dads are all in and they are looking to create memories with their kids! We love seeing these bonds formed with their children.

One way we get learn about all of the fun and creative projects that dads are doing with their sons and daughters is during the Geek Show. The Geek Show is where Patrick Quinn and I do a live show on the Life of Dad Facebook page talking about all things Pop Culture. Dads from all over the world share their thoughts on the different topics we discuss every Wednesday night at 9 pm EST/ 6 pm PST.


Here is his winning T-shirt entry. To purchase his shirt click here. 

Calling All Creative Dads

So to encourage all the creative dads out there we teamed up with Custom Ink for the Design with Dad and Custom Ink contest. This week and next week Custom Ink will be sponsoring the Geek Show and we will be talking about all things creative in the entertainment world. We hope you can join the show AND take part in the contest. Below is how you can enter the contest!

Good luck!

We can’t wait to see what cool creations and designs you are going to come up with as you work with your kids on this contest.

How to Enter the “Design with Dad and Custom Ink” Contest: 

  • Visit between now and April 3 and design a t-shirt using the Custom Ink design lab (have fun and get creative with all the awesome art and fonts!)
  • Save the design. 
  • Send the saved design URL to
  • No Purchase Necessary. Subject to official rules at

Here are few designs that dads and their family created together. 

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