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The Life of Dad Show’s Top 5 First-Ballot Hall-of-Fame Summer Dad Moves

We have officially entered the sunny-'til-9pm, 89-degree humidity, no-more-amusement-parks, get-off-my-lawn phase of summer where all of us dudes who have been straight daddin' it since school got out are digging deep into our bag of tricks to survive August with our sanity at least partially in-tact so we can draft [...]

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The Sports Show – Ultimate Sports Anthems

This week on the Sport Show we are talking about our favorite songs sports anthems. On the Show… What are the ultimate sports anthems? Which song reminds you of your team? Here are some of the comments we received during the live show. Feel free to share your thoughts with […]

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Boy With Vocal Cord Paralysis Gets To Speak, And The Video Will Make Your Day

  We’ve all seen some of the incredible videos of deaf people hearing for the first time, thanks to new technologies that make it possible. Every time we swear we’re not going to cry, and every time we’re wrong. Well, this video is similar, but with a twist. A five [...]