This Dad and Daughter Lip Sync Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

    Fair warning, watching this video might make your heart literally melt, which is really bad for circulation. This dad and his little gal absolutely KILL lip syncing Maroon Five’s “Girls Like You”. I mean, it’s impressive that the Dad is hitting all his parts, but that little lady [...]

David Wright Ends MLB Career With First Pitch From His Daughter

  David Wright, third baseman for the NY Mets, ended his 14 year career with the team this past weekend. In that time he was unfortunately beleaguered with injuries that often kept him out of the starting lineup. Nevertheless,Wright was beloved by his Mets fans and respected by players and [...]

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Geek Show – Children Soundtracks That Parents Enjoy

What children movie soundtracks or child song that parents enjoy? On The Show Our hosts will share their favorite songs. We wanted you to be part of the conversation. Here are some of the viewers comments. Mike Shaffer ·  Marry Poppins score songs (watched it on VHS in grade school). The Trevor […]

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