Finding time to train and stay in shape after you bring home your little bundle of Joy is not easy at first, but don’t worry you’ll be find, millions have gone before you.

Life will never be the same again for you once you take on the role of parent, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the thing’s you love to do including staying in shape, you just need to look at life a little different.

Now staying in shape is not just about you anymore, it’s about how much time you want to have with your children in the long term, it’s about being a role model and as a parent you are being watched constantly by your children. And they will follow your lead good or bad.

Don’t fall in to the group of parents that constantly use their children as a convenient excuse why they have not. Be in that highly successful group that understand that their children are a reason why they have to be are the best they can be spiritually,mentally and physically.

I’m sure these tips and workout will help and show you that with very little time and equipment you can still stay in fantastic shape. If you want to find out more about how you can get in to the best shape of your life, and still have time to be the best busy dad you can click here

Fit Dad Jason Smith