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Holding On To The Past

I’ve never thought of myself as a hoarder, yet the other day I found myself staring at the makings of a never to be opened cord museum. Why a cord museum you ask, or why hang onto obsolete stuff? Yes, those are both excellent questions. First lets address the crazy. [...]

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Announcing Your All Prison Team

Just flip on the tube, and much of what you'll see is thirty-one flavors of death, destruction, deficits, debauchery, (uh, well I ran out of things that start with “D”) and that’s just Nickelodeon. Even our beloved sports highlight shows have become largely indistinguishable from the evening news. Here’s a [...]

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Rose The Muse

I’ve always fancied myself an adventurer of sorts, a collector of experiences both big and small, a free-ish spirit always looking for the next big challenge. Recently though I’ve had some time to reflect, and have come to realize that for the past couple of years I haven’t exactly been [...]

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I’ve Been Traveling Again

I’ve traveled by car across this country many times, and have for the most part been unable to resist the myriad odd tourist attractions that litter our highways big and small. I’ve seen the house on the rock, the giant dinosaur in the desert, the worlds tallest thermometer, also in [...]

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Daddy’s Girl

My Daughter Zoe turned 10 this week. She’s truly a unique person. Watching her grow up has been a complete and utter joy. She’s everything you could hope for in a kid. She’s thoughtful, well mannered, curious, and brave. She doesn’t suffer fools, but is a friend to all. Zoe [...]

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Right of Passage

I just had “The Talk” this weekend with my oldest son Jed. This was something my father had managed to avoid with me, so I didn’t know what to expect, and as you can imagine, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. Admittedly, I’d been thinking about having [...]

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Squirrel Trouble

I was opening the lid on my garbage can the other night when an usually large and athletic squirrel (think Mary Lou Retton), vaulted up and over my shoulder, and out onto the lawn landing a good 15 feet behind me. I still don’t know which was more surprising, having [...]

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O’ Woodland Creature of Spring

Why dost thou mock thee with your high whistles and low Growls from within and beneath the lofty trees? Doth thou desire to bringeth thine wrath upon your humble dwellings? Doth thee not recognize thee determination required to go Cheerily forth into day? Doth thee not comprehend thine spirit requires [...]

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Et Tu PBS?

Even with an infinitely expanding amount of channels today, its getting harder to justify our very expensive monthly cable bill. Just think, only a few years ago there were only five hundred channels to choose from, and when I was a kid, only three, well four if you could get [...]

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Revenge Me

Every year my kids get a few gifts that either defy logic, have impregnable packaging, require unimaginable amounts of power, or way too many pieces. It’s these multi-piece playthings, that I loathe the most, and at the top of the list is Lego. The name Lego sounds so pleasant. It’s [...]

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