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Babies & Budgets: Making a Plan

I am going to share a secret with you, a secret nobody knows about... Babies are expensive. That's right, while becoming a parent will fill your life with more joys than you ever imagined, it will also being a new level of financial pressure. If one of you is planning [...]

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An Olympic Salute to the American Losers

A disappointed Bode Miller... Earlier last night, the 2014 Winter Olympics closed in Sochi, Russia, with all the celebration and fanfare we have come to expect from the Olympic games. And, once again, the overall medal count was ruled by the American athletes. Except... oh wait.. that's right... [...]

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Planting a Birth Tree…

Originally posted on The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) on July 6, 2013... with ongoing hopes it blooms healthy this spring! Years ago, I had a friend who was moving. One of her major challenges in completing this task was finding a company that could move a tree in her front yard to [...]

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A Father’s Song

Originally published June 18, 2013 on The New American Dad (http:wwwBloggyDad.net) Back in the fall, when I learned that I was going to become a father, one of the first things I started to do was add some new songs to my iPod. For lack of a better term, I will [...]

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The 10 Best Dads of TV & Film

These posts/lists were originally published at The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) in June, 2013... Part I - TV: Sunday is Father's Day, my very first as I expect our baby girl to arrive any moment now. I felt like I had to do something special with my blog to mark this [...]

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The Slow Death of Mr. Mom…

Originally posted to The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) on June 10, 2013 It is time for a bit of a mea culpa. When I started this blog, I opened with a post detailing my choice to be a stay-at-home Dad. In this post, I made a reference to being "Mr. [...]

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Roll Up a Sleeve & Fight Whooping Cough!

Originally published on The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) on May 22,2013 Let me start with this: I don't like shots... and I am not very trusting of vaccines. I have always been the type to proudly claim "If it won't kill me, I don't need the shot." Flu shot? One, I don't [...]

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Passing Down a Film Treasure…

Originally posted on The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) on 5/17/2013 On Wednesday, I wrote an entry about my favorite book as a toddler and how excited I am to share it with my daughter one day. Well, just in time for the weekend, I have a the follow-up post for [...]

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Passing Down a LIterary Treasure…

Originally published 5/15/2013 on The New American Dad (www.BloggyDad.net) In these weeks and months of waiting for our baby to arrive, I have been busy assembling a bookshelf (among other things) for her. I am determined to have a solid library of titles waiting for her the day she comes [...]

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