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What if You Actually Wanted to Exercise?

SMXLL Have you ever wondered what it would actually take to change?  I'm not just talking about physically modifying the way you eat or exercise.  I'm talking about changing your emotional and mental relationship to your health. What if you wanted to exercise? What if you started craving healthier foods? [...]

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First blog ever

ok so my name is cody, im currently 23 years old. I moved from mi to az and then back to michigan. Ive been all over the united states and have an amazing family. Now to the story. ive never done a blog before in my entire life. I just [...]

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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Read This Blog

Oftentimes I feel like a fraud. I'll get irritated at my wife (over nothing), neglect to make time for my baby boy (that's one of my priorities), or make stupid mistakes at work that called for a conversation with my boss.   As I serve my in-person and remote (online) [...]

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4 Steps to Setting Limits [PoL Part 3]

If you're anything like me with regards to your health, strength, and fitness, you want to know how you can be healthier in less time and doing less things.   Although it can be a difficult process (mostly because it consists of constantly failing and working to make-up for the [...]

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There is Power in Praying for Your Wife

Fellow Dad,   Simple health means to distill and define action we can take today that could potentially last beyond today.  In order for something new to last beyond today, that action must be small, it must make both a short-term & long-term impact, and it has got to fit [...]

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