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Road Safety with Kids or Alone

While the act of riding a bike may not be difficult to some, there are hazards of which new riders should be aware. Whether you are cycling as a hobby, or sharing the enjoyment with your family, a basic understanding of potential hazards is paramount. When I reminisce about riding [...]

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Summer Adventures and Beyond with Kamik

Summertime adventures by definition are adventurous. It is the off-road portion of life. It's the time of year where things aren't contained into perfectly manicured segments of time introduced and ushered by a chorus of bells and lines that construct a school day. Summertime is free time. That's not to [...]

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3 Ways to Find a Ride

If you are new to cycling, perhaps one of the most intimidating things to do is find a place to ride. The good news? It is easier than you think. There are three main options that I have discovered in seeking a route to ride. Each has its different challenges, [...]

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The Difference the Right Bike Makes

It is hard to describe the difference that the right bike makes. For years I have been riding a comfort bike - and when I say ride, I mean only occasionally.  And though I am still quite a novice in the world of cycling, there were a number of stark [...]

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Drive-In and Enjoy

Last week we took the kids to a drive-in theater. It wasn't our first time, in fact, it is a yearly summer bucket list item. There's something to be said for watching a movie on a huge screen int he comfort of your own car. There's a nostalgic feel sitting [...]

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Like Riding a Bike

When I was a kid I rode my bike everywhere. I rode to parks, I rode to stores, I rode to church, and sometimes I simply rode my bike for fun. I never measured it, but I put a lot of miles on my bike - before I could drive, [...]

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Taking Flight

While on vacation, my family enjoys doing things that we normally would not have the opportunity to do. Such was the case when we happened upon Gators Parasailing in Madeira Beach, Florida – tucked in Johns Pass Village. We soon learned first-hand why they were ranked #1 on Trip Advisor [...]

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Kids and Money

So there was an interesting question on the Life of Dad boards. What? You didn't see it? You haven't joined yet? What are you waiting for?  Anyways, it was an interesting discussion that I wanted to bring here because I had it again in a face to face conversation with [...]

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Name that Puppy

  A version of this post originally appeared on the critically acclaimed* blog Tales from the Poop Deck. You should open another tab or window and check out the Captain's writing there, but be sure to come back to Life of Dad  to converse with some friendly dads, listen to [...]

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