Finding That Safe Escape This Summer

With May just starting, that only really leaves us with June before school is over for the year. As a parent of four young children, our kids have already begun talking about where we might travel to. With a circus our size, we’ve let go of the idea of [...]

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Each year, we find ourselves on the precipice of one year - looking to dive headfirst into a new one. There always seem to be things that we want to do better in the months ahead. Whether it be learning how to cook a new cuisine, get more organized around [...]

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Don’t Get Scrooged This Holiday!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. With that comes Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every remaining day in between until the year is out for you to shop your little hearts out. Gone are the days (at least for me) of traipsing through the mall (do they still have malls?), asking [...]

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Organize Your Life: Garage Makeover

I’m very organized in my business life: folder systems, project workflows, solid time management, and a strong work ethic.   However, when I get home, I’m a cluttered mess.  My wife loves organization, however we have three creatures living under our roof who excel at disorganization.  They love dumping [...]

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Holiday Guests Need to Know the Rules

With Halloween behind us, we’re all left in a sugar-tizzy. The kids are spinning around in circles in the playroom. They’re making it rain with vacant Airhead and Milky Way wrappers while Mom is in the living room - already earmarking ideas for next year’s costumes. And this leaves, Dad, [...]

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A #CabbagePatchDads Twitter Party

CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFICIAL TWITTER PARTY RULES On Monday, September 17th, at 8 pm ET we are having a #CabbagePatchDads Twitter party. Join the Life of Dad Crew along with our good friends at @wickedcooltoys as we as we talk about our favorite childhood toy, Cabbage Patch Kids! Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid [...]

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